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Not Your Standard Recap – 2020 a Mood by Moi

To be honest, as I prepared my 2020 income and expense reports I felt defeated. I was then forced into a deep reflection of the past year. Parts of what I am about to share have only ever been mentioned to my inner circle (population 1-4 depending on the topic.) Some of what I am about to share has never seen the light of day. So buckle up sister, say a prayer for me as sharing personal revelations makes me want to puke, and get ready to read how I managed to stay in one piece after the world’s longest year.

I unknowingly started a business 1 month before a global shutdown which led me to live off of a stimulus check, the last of my retirement, and parent bought groceries. I had 4 class tickets returned and 3 classes cancelled. I was forced to get creative so I sold sweatshirts that family, friends, and hairstylists bought. I relearned how to live in poverty (it wasn’t my first rodeo if you can believe that.) My Seattle clients went out of their way and bought a record amount of product. Pretty sure Jocelyn has 1 of everything I carry – you the real OG. A mere 4 weeks’ worth of work in Seattle was the only consistent income I earned in 2020. Fellow unemployed hairstylists supported me financially in 2020 by buying JONES brand merch and full priced product. Experiencing that kind of generosity shook me to my core.

My parents flew to South Carolina to watch Dozer when they knew I couldn’t afford a dog sitter. They stocked my fridge, pantry, and freezer multiple times. I don’t know if I told them, but when I walked in the door after my January work trip I crumpled to the ground and bawled at the sight of my favorite fresh produce, and a full fridge. I had never allowed myself to experience love like that before. They continued to ask me at the start of every month if I needed help, and forced grocery money on me anyways. I’m pretty sure they knew it was too hard for me to verbalize it.

Jordan Jones, a fellow shut down colorist and educator went out of her way to buy In Common directly through me. She said she wanted to test the line to back bar it but honestly, I think we see a lot of ourselves in one another and she knew I needed help.

Misty Jayne promoted me to her local community and let me stay in her home after briefly meeting me 1.5 years prior. Our class had been rescheduled twice due to shutdowns. If it wasn’t for Misty’s tenacity there wouldn’t have been a class at all. She is a genuine soul that is deeply woven into her then local (now national) community. Without her hard work no one would have known to give a flying fuck about JONES edu.

Emily Seagraves has been my friend for 2 years now. She introduced me to her best friends, coworkers, and family. She let me play with her kiddos, be her Covid friend, and supported me emotionally every month 2020 threw at us. She has seen my whole heart and embraced me right where I’m at. She is the yin to my yang as far as personality types go. I would remain a human bull dozer if she didn’t continue to challenge me to see vulnerability as a strength.

Melany Zendt is easily the biggest reason I have a business in Charleston at all. She answered every South Carolina business licensing question I had, let me rent her chair outside of her schedule, and is the ONLY owner I’ve ever had be supportive of my big picture goal from the get. If it wasn’t for her I would not be in my own suite now, or have the courage to dream of building something she’s already doing

with such grace. She let me be myself, dream big thoughts, and supported me practically and emotionally as I worked towards my goals.

Heather, Micaela, Emily, and Melany are the first salon family I was devastated to leave. I can honestly say I’ve never worked in such a talented, amiable, energetic, or harmonious environment where everyone was inspiring. Each woman cared about what they did, who they served, and the team that surrounded them. I pray for the mental capacity to be able to create such an electric work environment down the line. Charleston stylists, if you’re looking to make the leap to being your own boss I cannot recommend Genesis, a Styling Lounge enough.

Spencer and Mariah are the queens of queens. I don’t know how much they know it but, they picked me up, made me laugh, and kept me excited throughout the year. By partying with me, being my first social outing from the Q, and allowing me a front row seat to watch both of them shoot for the fucking stars this year was everything. Seeing you two align with you higher selves to create your own happiness has been moving, and given me hope. You are thee bad B duo and I love you both.

Jesse Baker and I had our first date via facetime in early Covid. He made sure we both had red wine and had me rolling laughing in about 30 seconds. He shared his friends, family, and Charleston with me. He taught me how to play disc golf, and shared my love of volleyball. We spent the majority of the spring and summer outside either playing disc or volleyball. Meeting Jesse was easily the highlight of such a trying year. Sometimes I really can’t believe he helped me build JONES, a Salon Suite and watch Dozer at the same time, all while I was away in Seattle working. Thank you for regularly reminding me that I’m going to make it, and I’ll be successful here in Charleston.

The point of this blog post is to shed light on the fact that I had A LOT of fucking help this year. My journey of softening and lighting my pride on fire started when I drove away from Seattle. I couldn’t be a one woman show anymore. I was drowning. I thank God for giving me Carly and Nicole. If they weren’t living breathing models of what a friendship could wholly be, I wouldn’t be prepared to embrace or trust the village I’ve built locally. My circle has grown, and I have needed it.

If your 2020 was all over the map I want you to know you are not alone and same. A highlight reel is just that – a highlight. A typical response I get from a long distance viewer of my life is, “You look like you’re killing it in Charleston, I’m really happy for you!” The emotional roller coaster that was 2020 was not as easily captured. Just out here letting you know I will continue to keep it real.

Deep internal change is not an overnight journey. Sometimes it feels like things are eerily falling into place, and my eyes are slowly peeling open. Sometimes what I see feels a little too bright, or a little too blinding and I think, “holy shit, slow down!” Discovering and acknowledging my evolved self has been a tremendous process that is ongoing.

Thank you to everyone who played a role in my 2020, and for supporting me in this season of great change. The white light is starting to wear off in some spots, and I am beginning to feel like I can see in color for the first time. Without my village, I’d probably be having stress dreams curled up in a ball on the floor – so when I say thank you from the bottom of my heart in supporting my dreams of living in the

sun, running my own business, and curating the work-life balance I’ve always dreamed of – I mean it. THANK YOU.

Love you all more than you could ever know,

Xoxo - Addie

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